It appears to be summer!

Whew! It’s been crazy so far. Weird weather, cold temps, hot temps, but we’ve made it so far! I hope you’ve made it through all of Mother Nature’s craziness. It’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog, so I thought I should let you know what we’re up to…

Coming up this weekend, it’s back to Door County! I’m sure you’ve heard me go on, and on, and on about how we love Door County. Well, it’s true. I don’t think there’s another place on earth that compares. So…on Saturday, June 17th, it’s the annual Fyr Bal Festival in Ephraim. The hours have been extended this year, so stop on by for a chat!! UPDATE!! The Fyr Bal Festival in Ephraim has changed a bit. We won’t be in Harborside Park. Instead, booths will be set up along Highway 57 and the road will be closed, making it a true street festival atmoshere! We’ll be set up north of Wilson’s Ice Cream Parlor, on the lake side, across from the Village Hall. Hope to see you!!

fyr bal logo

On June 24th and 25th, it’s a new adventure for us! The Cedarburg Strawberry Festival! Thousands and thousands of festgoers descend upon Cedarburg each year for Strawberry Festival, an art-filled weekend brimming with the most luscious summer fruit. . This free, family-oriented festival is a favorite of many, drawing up to 100,000 people annually to celebrate the strawberry, enjoy live music, browse and purchase original artwork from hundreds of artists, and enjoy some of the most decadent homegrown strawberries in the area. We’ll be set up near the Cedarburg Cultural Center.


No shows on Saturday, July 1st, we’ll be on vacation – guess where? Of course, Door County! But we WILL be set up for the annual Baileys Harbor July 4th celebration. Lots of great food, refreshments, live bands, a great small town July 4th parade, and of course, artists and crafters on the Town Hall lawn, Highway 57 and Highway F. Dates: July 3rd and 4th, 9am to 4pm both days. Check out the Baileys Harbor website for a complete list of activities:


And remember to oil your boards, utensils and knife handles. You can’t over oil, but you can definitely under oil! Oil keeps them moisturized, much like your skin, to prevent drying and cracking.

See you soon…down the road!